Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dump of my artwork

I post here dump of my artwork..
I wish you like it~

Game artwork



Anonymous said...

Very good!

steve hui said...

WOW! awesome!

anima Base said...

Steve, Thanks for your visit.
I like your artworks too..

danomatik said...

The enviros are very good looking!!
theres one that reminds me of Daniel Dociu's madness..., the 18th one from the top. Awesome work!

anima Base said...

Thanks Dan.
Your artworks are very impressive to me too.

Elliott said...

awesome designs. killer work!


Moai said...

Nice environments! It makes me want to go out and draw some buildings.:)

anima-base said...

Thanks Mohai.
Let's draw some landscape and building with me..