Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dump of recent artwork

Fakebook cover ↓

Here are some dump of various illustrations I did last few weeks.

I did it Photoshop.

Thanks for all the feedback that I get on this blog. I appreciate it.


enb said...

that came out great.
nicely done. I really like the mountains in particular-

anima-base said...

Thanks enb.
I like the snowy mountains as well.

Sergio Melero said...

Impressive artwork and drawings.
Your a master of digital art, congratulations!

***** said...

excellent work on this blog. are you a friend of Ale?

anima-base said...

I really like Alessandro's stuff.

Alina Chau said...

THere are great!

Marco Crupi said...

Hello I really like your blog, I would like a link exchange with you, I insert your blog to my favorite blogs ;)

the address of my blog is:

My blog deal of the art of photography.
( photo technique, post production, photo retouching, Reportage, how-to and articles )

anima-base said...

Dear Marco.
You have a good photos
I love your photos. really.
I link your blog in my favorite site.

jason hazelroth said...

you do really beautiful work..I'm a fan :)

anima-base said...

Your artwork is great too.

cassandra said...


Anonymous said...

very nice!

anima-base said...

Thanks Oliver~~