Sunday, March 29, 2009

(T-shirt Design) Unknowned Creature

Unknowned creature.
I found unknowned creature in strange place where many people can’t approach.
I began to analyze it.

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flaptraps said...

hey this one is awesome!! yeah you should just email the guy i'll give him your blog thats about all i can do on my end but i'm sure he'll like it. cheers dude.

anima-base said...

Thanks Richard for help me.
I love your 'Guildwar' conceptual designs.
Thanks really.

Andy Mac said...

Really nice designs! Im guessing you do this professionally?

anima-base said...

Thanks Andy.
Yes, If this Tshirt-designs get many votes and loves, It will be made with product.

Lorraine said...

very cool shirt designs! you should check out
Ur stuff would sell! cheers!

anima-base said...

Thanks Larraine.
I'll check your recommended site.

I LOVE YOU said...


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