Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weired samurai rider (T-shirt Design)

Vote my artwork.

Woman Dark chocolate color adjustment

Male Huntergreen color adjustment.

Original artwork

Male Silvercolor adjustment


Tanya said...

wow.. thats a very... very innovative inspired! oh and if you wanna consider.. i submit designs to this really cool site called they hav a whole comunity of designers there.. you shud try.. and prolly win one of those fun contests they hav round th clock.. i really wish for u to join.. since i'd love wearing one of your funky prints...
anyway.. thats a great design... where do i vote??? keep up the awesomeness!

anima-base said...

thank really for doing Tanya good suggestion.
I am really pleased that introduce my work to

Receive swing that is good from many people and will be really good if good Tshirt is made.

Vote of this T-shirts is progressing, and is made by T-shirt if get a lot of votes in present.

Vote address " http:// It is page = 4 "
Thank you for your support

Jesse Smith said...

Cool stuff all around!! Thanx for the comments buddy!!

anima-base said...

Thanks jesse fot visit my blog..
Your works are great...

Tanya said...

voted..!! love the tee... if not this print.. im hoping ill see some of your other awesome prints on so i can purchase them conveniently.. would love sporting your designs! do keep in touch!
uv got a fan for ur art..
Tanya :)

anima-base said...

Thanks Tanya..
I check out my artwork that you voted me.
I've some print artwork that unpublished. So, I'll submit my artwork in sooner or later.
I'll appreciate if you like this.

Thanks. all.

Peter Breese said...


Mimi Cortazar said...

Great T Shirt! :)

anima-base said...

Thanks Peter and Mimi..

CoolMikebrown said...

I like this freaky style design.
keep it up~

I LOVE YOU said...


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